Safety and Support: COVID-19


Our Clinic’s Commitment to Your Health and Safety

The Arne Clinic remains open as a designated essential service, with a commitment to meet the healthcare needs of our patients while putting measures in place to ensure a safe experience.

The health and safety of our patients and staff are of the highest priority. We are closely monitoring the influx of new information surrounding COVID-19 to ensure our safety protocols are up-do-date and in-line with guidelines established by the World Health Organization (WHO), the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as well as state and local health departments. Our exposure control and response plan may evolve as circumstances surrounding the virus develop.

Exposure Control and Response Plan

  • Anyone entering the office is required to wear a mask or face shield.
  • The doctor and employees all wear masks and other personal protective equipment such as Solo pureAir personal air purifiers.
  • Appointments are staggered to provide enough time to sanitize between patients and allow for social distancing.
  • Patients have the option to wait in their car until the doctor is ready to see them, at which point, they will receive a call to come inside and will be brought directly to a thoroughly cleaned treatment room.
  • Patients are encouraged to refrain from bringing guests along to appointment.
  • Patient temperatures are taken upon arrival. Staff temperatures are taken upon arrival each morning, and again in the afternoon.
  • Patients are asked appropriate risk factor questions upon arrival.
  • All clinic areas are cleaned thoroughly and consistently.
  • Air purifiers are located throughout the office to effectively clean and purify the air and surfaces.
  • Hand sanitizing stations are located throughout the office.
  • Staff members are prepared to stay home if experience symptoms associated with COVID-19 and/or are exposed to the virus, and we expect that our patients do the same.

Patient Support

There is nothing more important to The Arne Clinic than looking out for the health and welfare of our patients, and we remain committed to doing so. We recommend staying consistent with your chiropractic care during this time, as we offer preventative treatments and services aimed at boosting your immune system so it can continue to stave off illness.

If you have symptoms associated with and/or have tested positive with COVID-19, we recommend you follow the CDC guidelines to stay at home and minimize contact with others. Take care of yourself by: staying hydrated, getting adequate sleep, exercising regularly, maintaining a proper diet (including taking appropriate vitamins and minerals), and minimizing stress. We would also encourage you to contact Dr. Brian for personalized advice on how to return to optimal health as quickly as possible.

We, at the Arne Clinic, value your loyalty and are committed our mission to help guide you to a health-filled life, free of pain, and full of abundant energy and inner peace. Follow our social media channels for potential updates.

Dr. Brian


Follow the links below to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

Follow the links below to the World Health Organization:


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