Looking to Lose 20-35 Pounds in Just SIX Weeks in Minnetonka MN?

Our doctor-supervised weight loss program in Minnetonka MN helps patients lose an average of 20-35 pounds of fat in just 6 weeks - without shakes, bars, pre-packaged foods or extensive exercise. Our program was designed to boost metabolism, suppress hunger/cravings, increase a sense of fullness, reduce fat mass and insulin resistance and to detoxify your body.

Success With the Holistic Approach

Your weight loss success will be based on our approach to diagnose and correct all factors related to your specific weight disorder utilizing the variety of healing tools our clinic has to offer.

Addressing and treating the underlying cause of the excess weight not only allows the body to shed the unhealthy fat mass efficiently, and save the muscle mass, but also diminishes the chance of regaining the weight, as most other programs allow.
Following a thorough history and examination, a customized plan will be designed to meet your weight loss goals, using components of our holistic weight loss program:

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Proper nutrition is directly linked to all aspects of successful weight loss. Our clinic has the expertise and diagnostic tools capable of testing and treating nutritional deficiencies. This will help to speed weight and fat loss, as well as improving your overall health.

Food Sensitivity

Studies show that food sensitivity/allergies promote undesired inflammation, slower metabolism, insulin resistance, hormone imbalances and other disorders directly linked to weight gain. Our clinic utilizes advanced electro-dermal testing to screen 270 foods, beverages, spices, etc. to determine your sensitivities.

Red Light Therapy

The unique wavelengths of red and near infrared lights stimulate cellular and mitochondrial energy, breaking down fat cells and releasing their toxic contents harmlessly into the bloodstream for removal out of the body. Our clinic offers a state-of-the-art Trifecta light technology used for fat loss, body contouring, cellulite reduction, improved skin complexion and more.

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The ChiroThin weight loss program combines a low caloric diet in combination with dietary modification, nutritional support formula and weekly supervised check-ins to monitor you weight loss progress. This program helps you lose weight quickly and safely without hunger and food cravings.

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Hormone Balancing

Hormones (such as insulin, cortisol, leptin, TSH, etc) serve as chemical messengers in your body to facilitate most every bodily function, including metabolism, hunger, fullness and stress (to name a few). When hormones are out of balance and left uncorrected, they have a negative impact on your weight and weight loss goals. Our clinic has diagnostic tools and technologies to balance your hormones, leading to weight loss and better health.

Detox & Cleanse

Unfortunately, we live in a very toxic world. Because toxins live in the fat cells of our body, it is imperative to safely bind on to them and remove them from the body. This process is vital for an effective weight loss program in order to remove the excess fat from the body. Our clinic offers several methods of detoxification to rid the body of toxins and enhance weight loss.

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Our doctor supervised weight loss program is very affordable. The foods you choose to eat, within the program dietary guidelines are purchased at a grocery store and not at a weight loss center, utilizing expensive, pre-packaged foods, shakes or bars. Our patients average $200-400 savings in their food costs over the six-week program. Patients that follow our holistic weight loss program as directed, will achieve better results, in less time, at a fraction of the cost compared to other weight loss programs.

Verifiable Results

Our clinic utilizes state-of-the-art technology including a Styku 3D body scanner and the bio-impedance analyzer to not only evaluate our patient's initial body markers and measurements with cutting edge precision, but re-measures on a weekly basis to show improvements as the patient loses their excess weight - and more importantly, their excess fat mass. This technology allows us to see exact changes in fat mass, muscle mass, BMI, basal metabolic rate, visceral fat, body age and over twenty body measurements with less than 1% error. There is no basic weight scales or inaccurate tape measuring used.

Lose the Fat and Gain Your Health

Our clinic's weight loss program not only helps you lose weight and look better, but more importantly helps improve and/or resolve a large number of health disorders by helping you lose the undesirable inflammatory fat mass. Studies show that when you lose fat, you also reduce the risk of a large number of health disorders:

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Recent studies show that 71% of American adults are classified as over-weight and 40% are in the obese category. Obesity is associated not only with the leading cause of death (cardiovascular disease), but also linked to diabetes, cancer and the disorders noted above.

Our holistic program is not only very effective at helping our patients lose their excess weight/fat in a very simple and efficient manner, but more importantly, helps them minimize their risk of a variety of life-threatening health disorders.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Minnetonka weight loss program different from others?

Our program will diagnose the underlying cause of your excess weight before a customized program will be offered. We will address any metabolism, nutrition, toxicity, allergy and hormone imbalances in order to have long-lasting weight loss success.

How much does the program cost and are there payment plans available?

There is no charge for an in-person or phone consultation to discuss your weight loss goals and to find out if you are a good candidate for our holistic weight loss program. We will be able to provide costs following a proper history and evaluation. We do offer payment plans.

Is exercise part of the program?

Although we recommend activity while on the program, intense regular exercise is not necessary to see great weight loss results.

Will I be limited in the foods I can eat?

Our program allows an extensive variety of foods that are low glycemic, anti-inflammatory and high in nutritional value to increase your fat burning metabolism and guide you back to health.

Can I eat out on the program?

Yes, you will be able to eat out. We will guide you on how to do this and continue to have success on your weight loss program.

Can anyone do your weight loss program?

Because our weight loss program is very safe and effective, most everyone who is carrying excess fat mass can do the program to not only lose weight, but also gain health.

What kind of support will I get going through your program?

Our patients not only have unlimited doctor-supervised support while on the program, but also have follow up care so their weight loss results are long lasting..

Are medications prescribed on the program?

No medications are prescribed. Specific nutraceuticals are used to help balance hormones, increase metabolism, reduce inflammation and to increase overall health.

Will I experience hunger while on the program?

With the use of healthy foods, homeopathic drops and nutraceuticals that curb appetite while increasing metabolism, most people have very little hunger on the program.

Our clinic offers a free phone or in-person consultation with our weight loss specialist to answer your questions and to review our programs and affordable cost options.

Call (952) 541-0200 or click the link above to schedule your free consultation.


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